“The first half of ‘Good Love 2.0,’ like most of her recordings, is steeped in the cushy keyboard chords and short phrases of 1990s R&B as she switches between singing and rapping. But two minutes in, everything changes and convention disappears. South Asian drumming pushing threes against twos, and swirling electronic loops and male and female voices, in different modes, summon the East-West hybrid she promises at her best.”—The New York Times

“Priya Ragu’s music isn’t like any R&B you’ve heard before.”—Vogue

“Priya Ragu seamlessly blends her groovy R&B sensibilities with the staple sounds of Indian music for ‘Good Love 2.0,’ a song that will no doubt turn your living room into a dance floor.” —Refinery29

Breaking Tamil-Swiss vocalist and songwriter Priya Ragu shares her new single, “Chicken Lemon Rice,” today via Warner Records; check it out HERE and watch the video HERE.

Priya says: “‘Chicken Lemon Rice’ is a celebration of unity and diversity. It’s here to commemorate all the beautiful cultures of the world. The world is not black and white, it’s colorful. We can come together and still be ourselves whilst celebrating different heritages and learning from each other.”

Priya’s brother Japhna Gold, who produced the song, adds: “Now more than ever, it is so important that we hold on to things that make us happy. Dancing is meditation, singing is meditation. We are all are connected whether we like it or not. This song is our dopamine for your soul—pull up!”

Directed by Dumas Haddad, the video for “Chicken Lemon Rice” features scenes of vibrant color, dance and fashion set against the background of a once-loved derelict London hotel. The visuals acknowledge Priya’s Sri Lankan heritage while challenging preconceptions of gender and tradition, resulting in a celebration of togetherness, self-expression and culture.

The track follows Priya’s label debut “Good Love 2.0” along with remixes of the track by Swedish electronic music group Little Dragon, Joe Goddard of Grammy and Mercury Prize-nominated synth-pop group Hot Chip and iconic DJ Honey Dijon.

Priya Ragu was born and raised in Switzerland after her parents escaped from the Sri Lankan civil war in the early ‘80s. Although now incredibly proud and supportive of her career, Priya’s parents initially didn’t want her to listen to Western pop and were keen for her to get married as she reached adulthood. She made her musical ambitions covert, sneaking out to jam sessions and open mic nights, before decided to fully pursue them by moving to America with the help of her friend, the rapper Oddisee. Working remotely with Japhna, the pair created a number of tracks which would provide the launchpad for where she is today.

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