Billy Lemos (born October 13, 1998) is a Chicago-based producer thriving in the vortex of alternative pop. During an Iowan adolescence spent competitive wrestling—and grappling insecurities in his spare time—Lemos turned to FL Studio and surrendered himself to whichever sounds embodied his creative whims. This sets Lemos’ rules of engagement—He turns to the Internet to connect and collaborate, while his palette pushes forward on the thrills of the moment in the quest to create innovative, timeless music. 

After enduring waves of EDM and lo-fi hip-hop, Lemos garnered success for his early work in bedroom pop via collaborations with Omar Apollo, Jackie Hayes, and Victor Internet among many others. After receiving playlist support and glowing editorial from the likes of Complex, Pigeons & Planes and Highsnobiety, Lemos soon grew weary of singles culture and clout aesthetics that boxed his creativity into passing fancies. He craved longevity, meaning he’d have to make an album to prove himself to himself, and everyone else.

Wonder is the Billy Lemos debut record—His idiosyncrasies are in full bloom, and his curatorial ear shines through 21 minutes of globe-spanning pop music. Crafted over the past two years—half in solitude through email, half via London excursions—Wonder is Lemos’ self-fulfilling prophecy in his mission to reignite the excitement of the pop framework. Much like Lemos’ own personal growth, Wonder symbolizes a decentralization of ego, assembling breakout talents alongside artists poised for their moment with no regards for stats and quick payouts. Sonically, Lemos assembles the best parts of his worst ideas into tangible thrills, shapeshifting across genre and niche. It’s now music with lifetime ambitions, glitching and riding to seize joy from a perilous existence.

For more information, please contact Louis D’Adamio or Carla Sacks at Sacks & Co., 212.741.1000.