We are never the same person throughout life, which is not entirely different for music. From the moment a piece is created to the instant a listener experiences it for the first time, it has somehow changed. To revisit some of the music I’ve written over the last 15 years isn’t so much going back in time, but rather finding myself again. As I have just recorded these pieces, they are already in the past too.

I began recording the tracks of Silfur in Akureyri in the north of Iceland and then continued in Reykjavík in the south. During my time recording, I was given an Icelandic native crystal, known as silfurberg, as a gift. The literal translation of its name is “silver rock”, and it has this unique quality of breaking light that enters it into two, creating a double reflection of a single image. I feel connected to this idea of double refraction: a single source refracted into two perspectives. It’s perhaps an obvious analogy to my re-recording of my past’s music, but a poetic one at that.

During my process, I continually thought about how the place you are in and the land you are on will find their way into the music. I wrote and recorded my first two albums in a small town in the north of Italy. The next two, Lumiere and Vorleben, were recorded in Berlin. Now living in the remote country of Iceland, I look back on this journey through Silfur’s music. I performed most of the songs frequently over the years, and some I never performed live at all. Two new pieces bookend the catalog re-records, which complete a circle of time, and all that happened in between.

Sometimes we can only understand ourselves by looking back and, hopefully, finding the thread of who we are and who we have always been.

Dustin O’Halloran

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