Today, emerging artist Auditorium—the musical alias of multifaceted musician Spencer Berger—releases the deluxe reissue of his debut album, Be Brave. Listen to/share the new album HERE.

Berger recorded Be Brave with a single microphone in the bedroom of his first Los Angeles apart-ment, featuring only three elements—acoustic guitar, electric bass and vocals. By using just two instruments to propel the songs, Berger conjured a wholly unique sound, blended eloquently with his classically trained voice and multi-layered harmonies.

“Last year marked the 10th anniversary of Be Brave, and I found myself exploring my old record-ings from that era,” explains Berger. “Nine of the ten bonus tracks on the deluxe edition are demos for songs that didn’t make the final cut—but there are elements of those songs that made it onto the album. For instance, the rhythm guitar in ‘The Best Story I Know’ inspired the sound of ‘Sunday,’ and the background harmonies in ‘This One’s for You’ influenced how I approached recording harmonies throughout the album. The one live track is ‘Young’—it’s one of the first songs I ever wrote, and this is the only recording of it that exists. It was captured at a small coffeehouse across the street from my college campus.”

Auditorium is the project of Los Angeles-based artist Spencer Berger. Originally hailing from Queens, NY, Berger began performing at the age of nine as a member of The Metropolitan Opera’s Children’s Chorus, singing onstage with legends such as Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo.

In 2011, Berger released his album Be Brave, marking his first release under the Auditorium moni-ker. Back when “Sunday” was originally released in 2011, the Music Alliance Pact—a group of 36 music blogs from around the world, including The Guardian—simultaneously shared it as the “Best American Song Of The Month.” Berger’s follow-up, The First Music, was released in 2017 to critical praise—NPR Music called it, “A goosebump-inducing album of lush genre-defying ar-rangements. [The First Music is] unlike anything else I’ve heard.”

Berger is currently recording the third, full-length Auditorium album, which he’s planning to re-lease in 2023.

For more information, please contact Louis D’Adamio or
Carla Sacks at Sacks & Co.,212.741.1000.

1. Be Brave
2. Sunday
3. I’m the Enforcer
4. If Your Girl Sings Loud
5. Saturday Soldier
6. The Beat of the Box
7. New York Sky
8. All Your Days
9. Oh, My Desperate Soul
10. Girls Will Love Your Lips
11. Beautiful Things
12. The Owl
13. One Time Never Hurts
14. Smile
15. This One’s for You (Demo)
16. Let That Curtain Go (Demo)
17. The Indian Ocean (Demo)
18. Campfire Song (Demo)
19. The Best Story I Know (Demo)
20. Feeling of Love (Demo)
21. Young Man, You’ve Fallen (Demo)
22. Jordan (Demo)
23. Song for My Mother (Demo)
24. Young (Live in Poughkeepsie, NY)