Rising LA-based band Bay Ledges—led by songwriter and producer Zach Hurd—new EP, In Waves, is out now on S-Curve Records. Additionally, “I Wonder,” which appears on the EP, premieres on Baeble Music. The track was co-written and produced by Christian Medice who co-wrote and produced lovelytheband’s “Broken,” which is one of the biggest songs at alternative radio this year. Listen/share the EP here:

The new music continues to receive widespread critical praise:

“Bay Ledges has pop sounds that will whisk you right away to the coast. These beats and synths will get stuck in your head and make you want to lay in the sun, even though fall is surely approaching.” –Alternatoive Press

“With a psychedelic disco feel singer, songwriter and producer Zach Hurd creates a track that will get you moving.” –The Wild Honey Pie

“From humble beginnings, Hurd has since expanded Bay Ledges’ image into a sleek indie pop and rock machine, with syncopating accents and glossy production making for a lustrous, attractive overall package.”

“Bay Ledges specializes in pairing deeply personal vocals with vibrant, guitar-centric tracks, creating a dichotomy between the meaning of the song and the feeling it evokes.” –Ones To Watch

“We’ve been enraptured by LA based band Bay Ledges...” –Baeble Music

“The engine of a no frills main drum track and steady chug of synth and guitar propel ‘Wherever You Sleep’ and acts as a cool counterpoint to the quieter harmony-driven bits of the main vocal. We are into it.” –B3SCI

In Waves was recorded at Hurd’s home studio in LA and features collaborations with producers Miro Mackie (Dirty Projectors and St. Vincent), Christian Medice (Lovelytheband, Birthday, New Dialogue) and Jackson Greenberg (Rachel Cantu, Oscar nominated Netflix film Cartel Land and Netflix’s Explained). The title of the EP speaks to a few things says Hurd, “I'd been reading the autobiography, Barbarian Days by WIlliam Finnegan where he recounts his days as a big wave surfer. He talks about the experience of falling on some of these terrifying and monstrous waves and how the only way to really survive them is to relax your body as you get tossed around like a rag doll…panicking will only make you lose your oxygen more quickly.” He goes on to add, “I’d just gone through a breakup when I read that and it made me think of emotional waves I’d been feeling…it’s tempting to scramble for some sort of vice to make it go away but there's really no escaping it. I’d just try my best to let them pass through and maybe write some of it down.” 

Growing up listening to artists like Beck, Talking Heads, Nirvana and The Notorious B.I.G., Hurd began playing guitar in middle school and writing songs in his early teens before cutting his teeth playing open-mic nights in college. Hurd started Bay Ledges in 2015 in his bedroom; since then, he’s expanded the live band to a three-piece and began taking the stage at festivals like SandJam Fest in Panama City, Festival d’ete’ de Quebec, and Kaaboo in San Diego. In 2016 Hurd released “Safe” on his own and it went to #3 on Spotify’s U.S. & Global Viral charts. Shortly thereafter he signed with S-Curve.

For more information, please contact Cami Opere, Louis D’Adamio or Carla Sack sat Sacks & Co., 212.741.1000.


1. I Wonder
2. Electric Dream
3. Over The Moon
4. Wherever You Sleep
5. This Heart
6. I Remember