Hrishikesh Hirway—host and creator of the acclaimed podcast Song Exploder and co-host of The West Wing Weekly—returns with a new podcast, Partners, a show about all kinds of partnerships, and the relationship between the two people in them. The podcast is a Mailchimp Presents production, made in partnership with Radiotopia.

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PARTNERS is a podcast about two people and the story between them, told in their own words. “The idea for this show has lived in my head for a long time,” says Hirway. “Every successful partnership, no matter what kind, is sort of a love story. Just finding the right person who you can be in a partnership with, takes a lot of luck. And if you can turn that into a relationship that lasts, and lets you build something together, that’s kind of a miracle. It doesn’t matter if what you’re making is a company, or a movie, or a marriage. For two people to co-exist and collaborate, that takes work. That’s what this new podcast is about.”

In each episode, two noteworthy partners tell their story: how they met, how that turned into a significant relationship and how things work within their dynamic. It’s a show that reveals the bond between two people as they explain how they made something.

Hrishi records a joint interview with the partners but edits the podcast to present each story to sound like it’s told by the guests directly to the listeners, without an interviewer. The nature of the partnerships are all different, but the structure and format of the show ties the episodes together. 

Season 1 features eight episodes, listen to the first five HERE:

Episode 1: Samin Nosrat & Wendy MacNaughton (author & illustrator of Salt Fat Acid Heat)

Episode 2: Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger (co-founders of Instagram)

Episode 3: Rachel Bloom & Aline Brosh McKenna (co-creators of the Emmy-winning Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Episode 4: PJ Vogt & Alex Goldman (co-hosts and co-creators of the hit podcast Reply All)

Episode 5: Daveed Diggs & Rafael Casal (creators and co-stars of the film Blindspotting)

Episode 6: Tegan & Sara (twin sisters and bandmates). Tegan & Sara have been bandmates for over 20 years. They’re also identical twin sisters. Having a twin is already a special kind of relationship—how does it work when your twin is also your creative collaborator and business partner? For their entire lives, Tegan and Sara have been learning how to co-exist in a way that’s inextricably linked but still allows them to define themselves as individuals.

Partners creator Hirway is also known for his music work as a film composer and with his band The One AM Radio, and with MOORS, a collaboration with actor/rapper Lakeith Stanfield. Hirway lives in Los Angeles.

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